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Joalpe UK International: Thinking today about the solution of tomorrow!


For over 30 years, Joalpe International has been a reliable product developer, manufacturer and distributor in retail solutions. We invent, develop, produce and deliver retail equipment solutions for POS communication, shelf management, sales displays and shop fitting. Our products are designed with the customer experience and ease of use in mind. In addition, all of our plastic products are 100% recyclable!

Our many years of experience in this specific field has allowed us to continuously partner with many international retail chains and brands and call them our happy customers. What’s not to love about Joalpe!


Joalpe! Full Service Retail Solutions From Start to Finish.



Good products have to start somewhere — so start with Joalpe! We’re here to collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life with the help of 3D designs and prototypes, all with functionality and affordability in mind.



Joalpe proudly produces each product directly in-house, allowing us to bring innovative ideas to life faster. Our efficient production process also allows our customers to see their creation from start to finish.



We’re here to deliver — literally! Have peace of mind knowing our trusted logistics team will deliver our customers’ new products in a secure and timely manner, whether it’s to a distribution center or directly in-store!



We understand that good products require a good amount of space, which is why we gladly offer secure warehousing options to store anything from retail equipment, sales displays, shelf-management systems, and more!

Joalpe! The UK’s #1 Partner in Retail Solutions

We invent smart and innovative solutions for sales displays, shopsystems, product presentations and store materials. By joining forces with our clients, we are able to come up with the best and most innovative ideas. In return, those ideas can then be developed further into exceptional products you can trust. As a retail equipment manufacturer and supplier, we’re here to deliver and take care of the whole process from start to finish: from creating the first prototype to the first-time use in-store. In addition, we have a wide range of standard shop products, such as signing, POS materials, price communications, sales displays, shelf dividers and other shop materials.



  • Total supplier of shop systems and retail equipment
  • Large production capacity in multiple countries
  • Located in multiple countries
  • Complete ISO 9001 certified
  • Reliable and innovative partner in the retail

Who We Proudly Serve?

We work especially for the following customer groups, which are mostly internationally oriented:


One of our largest client groups includes international retail chains from the food and the non-food sector. There’s a benefit to buying right at the source.


A variety of international consumer brands are on our list of clientele. Top brands trust Joalpe as a business partner for our high-quality products and reliable service.


We also proudly work with shopfitters around the world. Joalpe is the ideal partner for shopfitters because we offer both a standard range and custom shop systems.


Although our online catalog is limited in color selection and product customization, we still got you covered! Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives on how we can make a custom product perfectly tailored for your business!

Shopping Baskets

We take pride in our PREMIUM QUALITY plastic shopping baskets with handles.

Shelf Management

Get your shelves in order with our range of fantastic SHELF MANAGEMENT products from risers, dividers and beyond!

Scanning Rail

Get our SCANNING RAILS and make sure you never have that problem in your retail environment.

Promotional Displays

What better way to increase sales than with an irresistible, well-placed promotion?

Golf Club Displays

CLUBRAX is a unique system for the in-store display of golf clubs.


We supply Single Prong and Euro Hooks in a range of styles and lengths suitable for all slatwall systems.


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